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About TCD Interiors

We are a locally owned company, with a half century of combined experience, who are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality craftsmanship and the most reliable and friendly service available.

TCD Interiors, Inc. has the knowledge to get your job done effectively and efficiently, with as little possible disruption to you. We specialize in Drywall and Insulation projects; from new construction and remodel projects, to repairs or patches, and small commercial jobs.

Sampling textures are available to view, or custom textures can be made from your own design, we can even match existing textures in your home walls or ceilings.

You will find more information on our services page or examples of our work in our photo gallery. Please visit our contacts page or talk with one of our references. We look forward to working with you!

Wet Sanding Drywall Joints Repairs
Wet Sanding Drywall Joints Repairs Wet sanding drywall joints or drywall repairs is really quite simple! Wet a 4" inch X 8" inch sponge like the one in the image below. You want the sponge just wet enough that water is not dripping off of it. Read
Get wet with Mira while Knauf Drywall Aquapanel keeps the wall dry
As part of a promotion to support its market-leading Aquapanel Interior tile backer, Knauf Drywall the UK s leading manufacturer of lightweight building materials and systems is giving a shower a week away to installers who complete an online entry form at www.knaufdrywall. Read more
Jim's Drywall Repair Durham Chapel Hill | Call*Jim
Jim's Drywall Repair Durham Chapel Hill | Call*Jim Professional drywall repair contractor providing service in Durham, Chapel Hill, NC. And surrounding areas. Read more
10" Inch Drywall Mud Knife
10" Inch Drywall Mud Knife 10" inch drywall mud knifes are used to spread joint compound / mud over joints that have been taped. 10" inch drywall mud knifes come in professional and less expensive versions. Here ...
Safeboard provides protection at UK’s newest dental hospital
Ease of installation made the case for using Safeboard from Knauf Drywall in the X-ray rooms of the UK s first new dental school for 40 years. Some 200m2 of Safeboard has been installed in the latest dental education facility at the Peninsula Dental School at the Tamar Science Park, Plymouth. Here ...
How To Sponge Drywall
How To Sponge Drywall Sponging drywall is simple and will greatly reduce the amount of dust that sanding causes! HOW TO SPONGE DRYWALL - Sponging drywall is done by using a sponge approximately 4" X 8" in size. Wet the sponge just enough that water is not dripping from it. here
Welcome to the Chinese Drywall Legal Network's blogspot. The Chinese Drywall Legal Network is a group of dedicated attorneys representing homeowners who have been affected by the use of drywall, sheetrock, or wallboard in their homes that was made in China and imported to the United States. Read More
Easy Plaster swiftly patches cracks and holes
Developed to simplify small and large repairs to walls and ceilings, Knauf Drywall Easy Plaster lives up to its name and will quickly smooth over cracks and holes up to 40mm deep, providing a hard yet flexible surface that can be painted or wallpapered over once dry. A lightweight ready-mixed plaster developed by Knauf Drywall, Easy Plaster is perfect for repairs around pipes and electrical fittings, filling surface cracks and holes or levelling uneven areas. Read More
**** YB DRYWALL & INTERIOR REMODELINGS. *** (402) 620-2083
Commercial & Residential Drywall Installation Proffesionalism, Quality, Sheetrock and Tape Framing, Insulation, Paint, Floors, Bathrooms, Kitchen Drywall T-Bar Ceilings Interior Finishing Over 20 years Commercial & Residential Experience Framing, Drywall, Taping, Texturing, Insulation, Remodeling, Paint and More.. Here ...
Welcome to First Drywall Taping Video
Intricate Vestibule Area Pictures are of after installing corners and tape (completing the first coat). 45's, roll-on beads, metal beads, metal interior corners The first drywall taping video taken after second coat. Read

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