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Easy Plaster swiftly patches cracks and holes Developed to simplify small and large repairs to walls and ceilings, Knauf Drywall Easy Plaster lives up to its name and will quickly smooth over cracks and holes up to 40mm deep, providing a hard yet flexible surface that can be painted or wallpapered over once dry. A lightweight ready-mixed plaster developed by Knauf Drywall, Easy Plaster is perfect for repairs around pipes and electrical fittings, filling surface cracks and holes or levelling uneven areas. It can also be used to skim existing plaster or textured finishes such as Artex to a smooth surface and will work with a wide range of substrates including plaster, internal renders, brick and stone. Applications could not be simpler: just open the tub, stir and then apply evenly with a trowel, using a clean finishing trowel to smooth to a flat finish. Once the Knauf Drywall Easy Plaster has dried which takes less than 24 hours you can make the surface even smoother if necessary by simply sanding it. Knauf Drywall Easy Plaster covers at the rate of 0.75m2 per litre at a depth of 6mm, has a shelf life of 12 months and comes in six litre and 2.5 litre tubs.

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