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Three Photos: New Construction exterior, Track-home Exterior, Remodel Exterior
Get wet with Mira while Knauf Drywall Aquapanel keeps the wall dry As part of a promotion to support its market-leading Aquapanel Interior tile backer, Knauf Drywall the UK s leading manufacturer of lightweight building materials and systems is giving a shower a week away to installers who complete an online entry form at No purchase is necessary and it s free to enter too. The prize draw runs until May 31st, with one lucky installer winning an innovative Mira Sport Multi-fit , worth around 350, every week. Knauf Aquapanel Interior is the ideal tile backing system for wet and humid areas. It is exceptionally tough and durable, providing a solid tile backing substrate for wet indoor areas such as swimming pools, leisure centres, changing rooms, toilet areas, laundries, bathrooms and kitchens. Read more

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